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Dark Hunter Series

    Daimon Question-*****Possible spoiler*****


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    Daimon Question-*****Possible spoiler***** Empty Daimon Question-*****Possible spoiler*****

    Post  Velkin on Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:02 pm

    Hello all, I am new here this is my 1st post and it is a question. I have just began reading this book series. So far I have read Acheron and now Bad Moon Rising. I know, way out of order but I am abot to start at the beginning. Here is my question... at the end of Bad Moon Rising a blond Daimon shows up at Sanctuary who can walk in daylight can someone tell me who he is??? I can't remember what color hair Stryker has and I have not yet read his book. Any insight as to who this could be would be great.

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