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    Become a squire! Empty Become a squire!

    Post  Admin on Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:57 pm

    E-mail: DarkHunterSeries@gmail.com
    Always wanted to be a Dark-Hunter Squire? Well now you can. We want as many of you to be our squires as you can.
    We will be creating another website and profiles for each of you. Just e-mail our administration at DarkHunterSeries@gmail.com or type all the information as a comment below. We’ll take it off of the website right after we make you a squire.
    **To post a picture upload it to photobucket.com and get the HTML of it OR just e-mail us the info and attach the photograph**
    We need the following information:
    Birthday (We don’t need your year if you don’t want to give it)
    Favorite Song to Dream by
    Favorite Dark Hunter
    Picture of you (of you or someone you like)
    A writing about yourself and your story as a Dark-Hunter Squire.
    We think this could be a lot of fun. Just have fun with it and do your thing. Please start to give them to us so we can update the website. The website link is located at the top or bottom of this post, along with the right hand side of the website under “Links”.
    **Thank you all, and please participate. You don’t need to give personal information, if you want you can just give us a fake birthday, and name if you do not feel comfortable. But have fun with it, even if you want to make yourself 1,000 years old! =]**
    We encourage EVERYONE to take part and have fun. We want to show Sherrilyn how many fans want to become squires, and show her how much we all love her!

    There is the info. you need to become a squire.


    Click on the link above to read about it.. and to see all the other squires!

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